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Cape Town, South Africa

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West coast sailing adventure

Adventure under sail

​When Ronin is in home waters the West Coast of South Africa is our go-to cruising ground. This part of the southern African coastline is incredibly rich in wildlife and vistas that is not often visited or experienced by outsiders. The pull of the isolated anchorages and rugged coast is too strong for any naturalist or adventure seeker to ignore. Furthermore, the close proximity of Cape Town to Dassen Island and Langebaan means that we rarely sail overnight passages and nights are mostly spend at anchor.

Sail from Cape Town to Langebaan, Paternoster or Port Owen

For short trips of only a few days – e.g. a weekend – this is perfect as you can sail during the day when it is easy to spot wildlife and enjoy the views and you can relax at night and experience life at anchor.  The duration of our west coast adventures is typically anything from a quick weekend to Langebaan (2 nights) to a 10-day excursion to Paternoster and Port Owen.

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Cape Town, South Africa