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Voyage Archive

Tristan da Cunha and Inaccessible Island

15 February - 15 March 2020

Expedition: Voyage to Tristan da Cunha group

Distance sailed: ~4000 nautical miles

We departed Rio de Janeiro and sailed for Ilha Grande, where we anchored between the islands and waited for a decent weather window to sail East. During the first two weeks of the voyage we were sailing everywhere except along the rhumb line to Cape Town. There were small windless high pressure systems dotted across the entire Atlantic and we often found ourselves sailing south to get more wind and then north to get away from bad weather. Eventually we made it to Tristan da Cunha and got to spend an entire day on the island. On the third night we anchored off Inaccessible Island and got severely bombarded by Storm Petrels. As always, we got the worst weather of the voyage on the continental shelf, just as we approached Cape Town after thirty days at sea.

2020 Cape 2 Rio trans-Atlantic race

6 January  - 30 January 2020

Partner: Aramex

Expedition: 2020 Cape 2 Rio race

Distance sailed: ~3931 nautical miles

The iconic Cape 2 Rio race is the longest continent-to-continent yacht race in the southern hemisphere. The 2020 edition was Mark's third Cape 2 Rio and his first on board Ronin. The Allspice crew, consisting of mostly inexperienced patrons, joined Ronin for a qualifying trip around Cape Agulhas a few months prior to the start and, finally, casted off the lines for Rio de Janeiro on January 6th. The race was a long one! Light winds forced the fleet far north and some days where spent drifting backwards while the spinnaker flapped against the rigging. Crew morale was kept high by great food and lots of swimming. After 26 days and 7 hours, Ronin arrived in third place on handicap and second in the cruising catamaran class.

Greenpeace Expedition: Arctic Sunrise Rendezvous

26 October  - 9 September 2019

Partner: Greenpeace 

Expedition: Offshore guest transfer 

Distance sailed: ~500 nautical miles

Following the success of the expedition to Vema Seamount, Greenpeace contracted Ronin to shuttle high profile guests, scientists and international journalists to and from the icebreaker the Arctic Sunrise. As fate would have it, Ronin left the V&A Waterfront with a full guest list and the remnants of a low pressure system producing a confused sea-state and moderate gale force conditions. The Arctic Sunrise was approached after three days at sea and a successful transfer of guests and accompanying gear was performed with the use of rigid inflatables. Smooth seas and following wind ensured an enjoyable voyage for the returning guests. Flexibility and innovative problem solving of both Greenpeace and Allspice Yachting staff ensured the success of this expedition.

Greenpeace expedition: Vema Seamount

5 June - 19 June 2019

Servicing an ROV aboard a yacht

Partner: Greenpeace Deutschland

Expedition: ROV and side-scan sonar survey

Distance sailed: ~1100 nautical miles

This expedition was particularly challenging due to the high frequency of gale force conditions (storms) in the South Atlantic in June (mid-Winter). On the way to Vema Seamount, Ronin sailed through two well developed storms, using only her storm-jib and deeply reefed main.  The last storm abated 24 hours after the crew arrived at their destination, during which the skipper reported more moderate conditions in the lee of the under water volcano. The crew spent three days doing reconnaissance work in idyllic conditions and two nights were spent at anchor. Overall, the expedition was a major success and reaffirmed that Ronin is extremely capable in handling offshore storm conditions.

Tristan da Cunha and Inaccessible Island

17 January - 12 February 2019

Expedition: Voyage to Tristan da Cunha group

Distance sailed: ~3000 nautical miles

A voyage to Tristan da Cunha was discussed extensively in 2018. The relative proximity of such a unique and infrequently visited place to Cape Town was all we needed to set sail South from Saint Helena and head towards the roaring forties. Timing is the most crucial component of such a voyage as the presence of a low pressure system would make approaching the island not only incredibly dangerous, but also impossible. Fortunately, the weather was prefect and the crew managed to spend an entire day visiting Edinburgh of the Seven Seas before departing for Inaccessible Island, where Ronin was anchored for the night. The rest of the voyage home went smoothly and without incident. 

2018 Cape to Saint Helena race

26 December - 6 January 2019

Expedition: 2018 Cape to Saint Helena race

Distance sailed: ~1700 nautical miles

The 2018 Cape to Saint Helena race was Allspice Yachting first venture in the world of offshore yacht racing. Our crew consisted entirely of paying clientele, all of whom were amateur sailors. The start of the race was slow due to very light conditions, which only improved once the fleet sailed past Langebaan and adjusted their course West, The first couple of days Ronin sailed well and averaged well over 150nm per day. A tear in the asymmetrical spinnaker kept the crew sowing for several days and, unfortunately, after three attempts to fix the sail it was officially declared dead by Ronin's on board Physician Manie. Despite this set back, Ronin finished in second place on handicap.

Apex Survival Documentary Film

21 May - 30 May 2019

Partner: Arniston Media

Expedition: Documentary film support

Distance sailed: ~250 nautical miles


The disappearance of Great White Sharks from False Bay (South Africa) is a mystery that has stumped many ocean researchers and conservationists. The Apex Survival documentary follows Ocean Ramsey and Tanya van Graan as they free-dive in search for the last remaining Great Whites sharks along the South African coast.  The expedition crew, consisting of Ocean Ramsey, Tanya van Graan, producer Jakes Jordaan and cinematographer Danie Ferreira (among others), departed from Simon's Town and filmed on board Ronin while diving several spots between False Bay and Gansbaai. The documentary is still to be released.

Apex Survival Documentary Crew Onboard Ronin
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