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Voyage Archive

Tristan da Cunha and Inaccessible Island

15 February - 15 March 2020

Distance sailed: ~4000 nautical miles

We departed Rio de Janeiro and sailed for Ilha Grande, where we anchored between the islands and waited for a decent weather window to sail East. During the first two weeks of the voyage we were sailing everywhere except along the rhumb line to Cape Town. There were small windless high pressure systems dotted across the entire Atlantic and we often found ourselves sailing south to get more wind and then north to get away from bad weather. Eventually we made it to Tristan da Cunha and got to spend an entire day on the island. On the third night we anchored off Inaccessible Island and got severely bombarded by Storm Petrels. As always, we got the worst weather of the voyage on the continental shelf, just as we approached Cape Town after thirty days at sea.

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