The Allspice Yachting Team

Mark Wannenburg


Mark will be your skipper and host on board the sailing catamaran Ronin. He is an old-salt with a lifetime experience in sailing. He has cumulatively crossed the Atlantic and Indian oceans more times than he can count on two hands and he has sailed more than 100 000 nautical miles. He is a SAS and RYA Yachtmaster instructor and holds a South African Maritime Safety Authority commercially endorsed Yachtmaster ticket. 


Gerrit Louw


Gerrit is the managing director and science officer of Allspice Yachting. He has an extensive background in Earth Science, Geoinformatics and Data Science and has been actively sailing for more than a decade, He is intimately involved with the planning, preparation and execution of every trip. When he is not sailing on Ronin he can be found working on his PhD at Stellenbosch University or renovating and sailing his 1967 Contessa 26.

Wesley Bowers


Wesley is the first mate at Allspice Yachting and has over 50 000 nm of professional sailing experience. He is an essential all round offshore crew member with immaculate attention to detail and acute problem
solving skills. Wesley is a keen high latitude sailor with the ability to keep the crew safe and the vessel sailing in any weather conditions.