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Sunset Cruise

Join us in Simon's Town for a picturesque cruise and romantic sunset experience. For two hours you can enjoy the mountain and ocean scenery while you sail in the golden sunset light.

Normal price:
ZAR 840 pp (min 6 pax)

Discounted price:
ZAR 504 pp (min 6 pax)


Departure time: 60 mins before sunset

Overnight Cruise

Charter a yacht and circumnavigate False Bay for two full days. On the first day we set sail for Seal Island, Rooi Els and Pringle Bay. After exploring the coastline we spend the night at anchor and sail for Cape Point the next morning. Take in the sights, keep a look out for ocean wildlife and enjoy exploring the Cape of Good Hope under sail.

Normal price:
ZAR 4200 pp (min 2 pax)

Discounted price:
ZAR 2520 pp (min 2 pax)

One Day Sailing Charter

Set sail on Ronin for either a four hour or eight hour trip. Enjoy more time on the water and visit iconic False Bay destinations such as Roman Rock, Seal Island, Smitwinkels Bay and Cape Point.  It is a one-day adventure!

Normal price:
ZAR 1680 pp for 4 hours (min 4 pax)

ZAR 2520 pp for 8 hours (min 4 pax)

Discounted price:
ZAR 1008 pp for 4 hours (min 4 pax)

ZAR 1512 pp for 8 hours (min 4 pax)


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the local tourism industry to its knees. While we can't say how long the lockdown will last, we do know that the best way to support local companies during this unprecedented time is to purchase in advance. To help you support us we've decided to cut the prices of all our local sailing adventures with 40%.

Update (29/12/2020): We are still sailing! South Africa is now under level 3 lockdown, but fortunately we are still operating, for more info please refer to the SAMSA Marine Notice No 31 of 2020.

Sail to Dassen Island

Discover Dassen Island: one of the West Coast's best secrets. Sail from Simon's Town, explore Dassen Island and relax at anchor in Langebaan lagoon. This four day adventure will change your perception of sailing and maybe even life in general.

Normal price:
ZAR 13 380 pp (min 2 pax)

Discounted price:
ZAR 8208 pp (min 2 pax)

West Coast Sailing Adventure

The big West Coast adventure! Charter a yacht and set sail round Cape Point. Explore the South African west coast from the Cape of Good Hope to Dassen Island, Langebaan, Paternoster and Saint Helena Bay. This 7 day adventure will leave you weak in the knees and ready for more!

Normal price: 
ZAR 23 520 pp (min 2 pax)

Discounted price:
ZAR 14 112‬ pp (min 2 pax)

Bespoke Adventure Charters

Do you have something specific in mind or just want to see where the wind takes you? Then contact us about our bespoke adventures. We are ready when you are.

Normal price: 
ZAR 16 800  per 24 hours (up to 6 pax)

Discounted price:
ZAR 10 080 per 24 hours (up to 6 pax)