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Cape Town, South Africa

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Offshore sailing and racing

Professional crew  |  Well-equipped yacht |  Amazing experiences

Cape 2 Rio trans-Atlantic Race

Join the crew and sail the longest offshore race in the southern hemisphere! The Cape 2 Rio is a true classic trans-Atlantic race that should be on any sailor's bucket list. 

Dates – 2/01/2020 – 30/01/2020
Start – Cape Town (South Africa)
Destination – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Distance – 3200 nautical miles
Price – ZAR 60 000 (SOLD OUT)

Sponsored by:

Brazil to Cape Town via 
Tristan da Cunha


Sail across the South Atlantic ocean and visit the most remote settlement on Earth, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas on Tristan da Cunha. Ronin visited Tristan da Cunha and Inaccessible Island in 2019 and we cannot wait to go back to share the sublime of the southern ocean wilderness with our guests and crew,

Dates – 10/02/2020 – 15/03/2020

Start – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Destination – Cape Town (South Africa)

Distance – 3300 nautical miles

Price – ZAR 48 000 (only 4 spots left)

Cape to St Helena
trans-Atlantic Race


If you have some sailing experience and feel like taking the next step, then this downwind sail to the remote island Saint Helena is perfect for you. In 2018 Ronin sailed with mostly inexperienced crew into second place in the multi-hull division, a testament to the skipper and the vessel’s sea-going ability. Come experience the south Atlantic wilderness on our fully equipped catamaran and enjoy two weeks on the open ocean. Afterwards you can catch a plane or sail with Ronin back to Cape Town.

Dates – 26/12/2020 – 14/01/2021

Start – Cape Town (South Africa)

Destination – James Town (Saint Helena Island)

Distance – 1700 nautical miles

Price - ZAR 35 000 (6 spots available)