Offshore Sailing Itinerary

Our offshore sailing itinerary has been specifically designed to accommodate our OCEAN GLOBE RACE training program. If you ever dreamed of joining a crew and set sail offshore, then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Each of the six passages were carefully considered to include various distances and sailing skill level, including two offshore races and a cruise of the windward Caribbean islands. 


#1 Cape 2 Rio 2023

A classic offshore race for serious sailors!

3500 nautical miles

1 January - 28 January 2023

Euro 10,000

Join us as we take on the infamous Cape 2 Rio! In 2020 we placed 4th on handicap onboard our catamaran Ronin. This time we will be racing some of the best monohull sailors in preparation for the Ocean Globe Race.


#2 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to Antigua 
Via the tropical island of Fernando de Noronha

3500 nautical miles

 1 February - 30 February 2023

 Euro 8 000

Between Brazil and the Caribbean lies 3500nm of prime ocean sailing. Along the way we will drop anchor off the seldom visited Fernando de Noronha for a second time in 14 months


#3 Caribbean Cruise

A circumnavigation of the windward islands

900 nautical miles

15 March - 30 March 2023

Euro 4 500

Join Sterna and her crew as we sail from Antigua to Grenada and back. Along the way we will visit exquisite caribbean anchorages and circumnavigate the windward islands.


#4 Antigua to Horta (Azores)

Another trans-Atlantic!

2800 nautical miles

5 April - 25 April 2023

Euro 10 000

The classic trade winds route from Europe to the Caribbean goes "sail south until the butter melts and turn west". In this case we will sail north to Bermuda, to navigate the North Atlantic High, and turn east for the Azores.


#5 Horta (Azores) to Southampton (UK)

A quick sprint to the UK for fish & chips.

1400 nautical miles

1 May - 10 May 2023

Euro 5 000

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston said, when sailing around the world, to find England you sail north until you smell Fish & Chips and then turn right, Who are we to argue?


#6 Rolex Fastnet Race 2023

A bucket-list offshore race, not to be taken lightly!

900 nautical miles

22 July - 28 July 2023

Euro 6 000

The Fastnet race is arguably the quintessential British ocean race. In 2021 450 yachts crossed the start line in the Solent, rounded Fastnet rock (the southern most point of Ireland) and made for France. In 2023 we will join them.