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The Whitbread race fostered countless legendary sailors that pushed the boundaries of what was perceived possible during their time. During the evolution of the Whitbread into the Ocean Race, the dynamics of the ocean racing changed and a new type of sailor evolved. Corinthian adventure took a back seat to professional athleticism. The Ocean Globe Race reintroduces the sense of amateur adventure lost during the evolution of modern-day round the world yacht races. It brings to life aspirational characters in a format where it is as much about the story as the final leader board.

"The Ocean Globe Race celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the 1973 Whitbread Round the World Race. It is a fully crewed, seven-month retro around the world adventure on existing production-built ocean racing yachts designed before 1988. There will be no computers, satellites, GPS or high-tech materials. Instead, entrants will rely on sextants, leadership, team work and pure determination to push themselves and each other to the limit and beyond."


Don McIntyre (OGR founder and organiser)

Ocean Globe Race

The Ocean Globe Race is a 8 month sprint around the world in four legs.

Why the Ocean Globe Race?

It would be impossible to summarise our collective reasoning to enter the Ocean Globe Race, but in essence, the Ocean Globe Race encompasses an achievable dream that is to sail around the world

The decision to enter was not based on any particular strategy, but rather just the belief that sailing around the world is a logical progression of everything we have done the last couple of years. In part, we were inspired by the 2018 Golden Globe Race, in which several entrants with moderate budgets faired spectacularly well. Their performance against other well-funded or sponsored participants highlighted a key factor that differentiates the Golden Globe Race and Ocean Globe Race from the Vendee Globe and (previously Volvo) Ocean Race. By banning expensive modern boats and equipment, the retro concept makes the Ocean Globe Race the most affordable round the world yacht race in existence. In other words, it levels the playing field. Don't get me wrong, it is not cheap, but it costs a fraction of an average Ocean Race budget that typically runs millions of dollars.


OGR crew member Melissa taking a sextant noon site near the Cape of Good Hope on a mid-winter day. .

The Race Team

Sailing in The Whitbread race was a life-long undertaking for many sailors, it required massive commitments and years long preparation. There is no reason to think that the Ocean Globe Race will be any different. Each of the four legs are roughly 8000 nm, of which two legs takes place almost exclusively under the extreme conditions of the roaring forties. To take part in each leg requires a time commitment of about two months, not including the several weeks required for pre-race training and trails. The Ocean Globe Race epitomise the old sage "big risk equals big reward."

The Allspice crew will consist of 8 - 10 sailors, including the skipper, navigator and additional crew. We plan to take a minimum of four paying crew (that is you!) on each leg. You can either participate in certain legs of the race or sail the entire circumnavigation!

The Ocean Globe Race is unique in that is fundamentally an amateur race. Subsequently, there are several restrictions that should be adhered to according to the Notice of Race (NOR).

OGR crew prerequisites:

  • One RYA (or equivalent) Ocean YachtMaster and One YachtMaster;

  • A mixed-gender crew;

  • One crew 24 years old or younger;

  • One crew member with 25,000 total logged ocean sea miles;

  • All crew must have a minimum 1,500 ocean miles or 1000 ‘recent’ (within 12 weeks of boarding) miles on the entered yacht;

  • 50% of the crew (including the YachtMaster Ocean and YachtMaster) registered for the first leg must complete an ‘approved’ 1,500-mile non-stop ocean voyage, together in the entered yacht, after March 1st 2023. (sailing plan to be approved before trial and tracking required);

  • All crew must undertake an approved medical/survival training course and undertake a comprehensive personal medical examination;

  • Maximum 70% crew swap at any stopover;

  • Maximum 33% of crew classified Professionals;

    • A sailor in any capacity between the age of 24 & 70 who is paid, or has been paid anytime to go sailing. Any sailor who has been paid to race a sailing yacht, or who has worked in an active capacity in a race related industry such as sail making, yacht design or coaching is considered Professional. Voluntary work introducing youngsters to sailing or delivering yachts is not considered professional in this context. Individual cases should apply to the race committee for a ruling.​

Funding your Ocean Globe Race campaign

Sailing around the world is not cheap, in fact, lets called it what it is: extremely expensive. This is not your average Cape 2 Rio race, it is a massive global event with millions of potential PR value. That said, there are two ways you can fund your Ocean Globe Race campaign. The first is the self-funded route. The second is funding your campaign through crowd-funding, donations and sponsors. We will help you with any material (photos, videos, copywriting, etc.) that you would need to set up a professional pitch-deck. Each crew member will have to pay a deposit to secure a spot and then pay the rest in installments leading up to the race. 

We are still in the process of finalising our cost analysis for the race, but I can tell you that the price will be very competitive relative to other round the world regattas and Ocean Globe Race competitors. We are committed to make the campaign as affordable as possible for everyone involved.

How to apply

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