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Cape Town, South Africa

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The Whitbread is back or: sailing like it's 1973!

“When a great adventure is launched with a powerful thrust, fatigue in the muscles and doubts in the mind are swept away by a fullness that moves life along like a breath from the depths of the soul.”
- Bernard Moitessier

Retro ocean racing for ordinary sailors

Ever since I have discovered sailing, I have been inspired by sailors such as Bill Tilman (Mischief), Robin Knox-Johnston (Suhaili), Bernard Moitessier (Joshua), Blondie Hasler (Jester), Trevor Robertson (Iron Bark), Tania Aebi (Varuna) and Roger Taylor (Ming Ming), to name only a few. These sailors have all pushed the boundaries of what was perceived possible during their time. The same is true for The Whitbread sailors Conny van Rietschoten and Peter Blake. Since the Whitbread days, the dynamics of the ocean racing changed and a new type of sailor evolved. Corinthian adventure took a back seat to professional athleticism. The Ocean Globe Race reintroduces the sense of amateur adventure lost during the evolution of modern-day round the world yacht races. It brings to life aspirational characters in a format where it is as much about the story as the final leader board. The values of the Ocean Globe Race resonate strongly with our approach to adventure and that is what attracted us to the Ocean Globe Race. - Gerrit Louw (Allspice Director)

“Sailing around the world is terribly simple from a navigation point of few. You leave Britain, turn left, go down until you reach Cape Town, turn left, go around Cape Horn, turn left, go up the Atlantic, smell fish-n-chips and turn right.”
 Robin Knox-Johnston

Sailing like it's 1973!

"The Ocean Globe Race celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the 1973 Whitbread Round the World Race. It is a fully crewed, seven-month retro around the world adventure on existing production-built ocean racing yachts designed before 1988. There will be no computers, satellites, GPS or high-tech materials. Instead, entrants will rely on sextants, leadership, team work and pure determination to push themselves and each other to the limit and beyond."

“Follow in the footsteps of pioneers and adventurers in the great tradition of ocean sailing.”

Sustainable and Carbon Neutral

Sailing can be considered one of the most sustainable sports and the OGR is the most sustainable and least environmentally impactful crewed ocean race in existence. With the help of climate activists, sailing and climate awareness have been intrinsically linked. All carbon emissions produced during the Allspice Yachting OGR 2023 campaign will be off set to ensure carbon neutrality.

Where to now?

It's official! Allspice Yachting will be sailing in the 2023 Ocean Globe Race. Once we have secured an OGR worthy vessel we will update our offshore passage list so that you can join in on the adventure! We are planning numerous offshore voyages in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

For more info check out the Ocean Globe Race website and Don's article on Sail World

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