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First South African Entry in a Crewed Round-the-World Yacht Race in 42 Years.

From left to right: Robbie Louw, Gerrit Louw, Don McIntyre, Melissa Du Toit, Michelle Kock

16 Nov 2022

Gerrit Louw and Allspice Yachting are set to compete in the 2023 Ocean Globe Race, a retro crewed round-the-world yacht race.

Allspice Yachting will be joining teams from all over the world in the Ocean Globe Race departing Europe on September 10, 2023. The Ocean Globe Race (OGR) is a crewed retro sail race in the spirit of the 1973 Whitbread Race, and will have stopovers in Cape Town (South Africa), Auckland (New Zealand), and Punta del Este (Uruguay). Allspice Yachting is the only South African entrant in this round-the-world sailing regatta and will be racing their 1988 Nautor Swan 53 Sterna with an amateur crew. This is the first time since Peter 'Padda' Kuttel race in the 1981 Whitbread that a South African has entered a crewed round-the-world race.

"The Ocean Globe Race offers a uniquely exciting opportunity to put South African deep-ocean racing back on the global map" - Gerrit Louw, Allspice Yachting Director and OGR Entrant.

The OGR, organised by McIntyre Adventures, aims to make yacht racing accessible to amateur sailors and therefore only permits a third of each crew to be professional sailors. Additionally, as a retro race it does not allow GPS and so navigation is done by the sun and the stars. The OGR will be the largest round-the-world yacht race in three decades. The OGR is the sister event of the 2022 Golden Globe Race (GGR), a retro solo non-stop unassisted race around the world. South Africans Kirsten Neuschäfer and Jeremy Bagshaw are currently taking part.

"As Cape Town is the official first stop over for the OGR, we are excited to welcome Gerrit and his team into the event. I am sure all South Africans and particularly Cape Town residents will follow his efforts and relive the 50 year history of Cape Town in international round-the-world yacht racing" - Don McIntyre, Ocean Globe Race Founder.

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